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Lost my job but no help from government!!
May 13, 2009

This is my very fist blog so bear with me please. I am just going to put  it out there what’s is on my mind. A couple of years ago I had lost my job and less than a couple weeks later so did my husband. We both could not find a job quickly enough to pay for our bills and everything was piling up. I applied for food stamps and medicaid for my daughter. It took over a month and a half to finally get an answer when all I need was a short time frame for assistance until I was able to get a job and feed my family. It became so bad that when I would look in the fridge to get something to eat or in the cabinets there was not even a crumb, literally. Not even Ramen. The only thing we had was a few snacks and juice for my daughter which we would never touch. She was fed no matter what. When you go to your moms house and rampage her fridge for something to snack on you might think “Hmm, there is nothing to eat in here” at least nothing you want, right? We had nothing. I received a letter from the state with a Food Stamp Card and it said I was approved. I was so excited that finally all the frustration I went trough to get it was over. However, as I read further it said I was approved for 0.0 dollars. I was angry, hurt, confused and let down a slap in the face of false hope. All we needed was a month or two of assistance so we could eat at least. I think this is a horrible shame. For people who are middle class and have an incident like this they get no help. They said we make too much. Hello, I lost my job we make nothing!! I think it should be easier to get approved for a temporary basis especially if you are on unemployment compensation and have children in the house. It seems to me in my opinion that to get something for nothing you have to have next to nothing.


Just a young Mom with allot to talk about!
May 13, 2009

I am beginning the first step into the world of blogging.  I often have allot to say and not many ways to express it.  I want all the feed back for all the various issues I blog about.  I want to to know what the world thinks too.  Thank you to everyone intrested and reading my blogs.  I have one so far and we will see what else I come up with.

Thanks again,


Clomid Stories Needed!
May 13, 2009

This blog is for all women who have faced the challenge of not getting pregnant.  I am in the same situation.  I just started clomid on day 3-7 of my cycle and am hoping that this first round works.  I had hot flashes and cramping and that was about it as far as symptoms.  I read elsewhere that the hot flashes will go away when you ovualte.  I think I ovulated on day 10 or 11 of my cycle because that is when they went away and my CM was abundant as I took musinex to help with that.  I thought this was a little too early but I am almost sure I O’d.  I want to know about women who can share with others there experiences with clomid.  Also, I would like to know any women who have taken clomid without a prescription and what led you to that decsicion and any women with PCOS.   I have PCOS among other things but I do have regular periods.   What comments or questions do you ladies have???????   BABY DUST AND STICKY